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These writings are expressions of my beginning search for the right answers, and all that follows this noblest and oldest of quests. Most of you are probably in this stage right now. 

But always remember this.
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40 Year Flood

Atom, Can You Hear Me?


Bad Medicine



Blacksmiths of the Divine


Bubbles of Truth


Burn Your Maps




Come With Me


The Enlightened Bumblebee


Fancy That


Finding Happiness


The Gardener


Good Student

  Good Words, Bad Words

Hard Case




Imaginary Walls


Jane and John Doe

The Journey


Karma Creek


Last Supper



The Note


Now Playing at a Theater Near YOU!


Open Door


The Parade




Perfect Ride


Poetry Moths



Rafts of Religion






Silent Dinner




Sweetly Selfish


 Tale of the Triclops

  The Pond


 The Tongue of God

 True Freedom




 The Window and the Dove